Journeying through photography

What a waste

I’ve been thinking about the amount of technology that is inside our cameras these days and how magazines and web sites encourage us to buy the latest cameras for a particular super wizz bang feature. Then on the next page they will be telling us to shoot raw because it provides the best quality from the camera.

So what about that image processing engine that the camera manufacturer spent probably millions developing? By shooting raw aren’t we bypassing most of the functionality of the camera? Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t shoot raw, after all I do myself, but I have taken to shooting JPEG+RAW and using the raw file as more of a fallback when exposure wasn’t quite as I needed. Basically by pushing us to shoot raw, we are boiling our cameras down to the three settings (aperture, shutter speed and iso) and the quality of the sensor while ignoring the majority of the image processing.

Now obviously the quality of the sensor does vary, and the iso and shutter ranges do vary, but do we really need the all singing high end camera model, or should we be more careful and choose based on those four fundamental aspects we all ways use. Certainly going forward I’m going to be putting a lot more thought in to how high up the camera range I need to go in order to get what I really need.

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