Journeying through photography


And so it begins…

Hopefully, this will continue long enough that it becomes an account of my continuing journey (no captain logs jokes) through photography. I’m planning on capturing things I’ve discovered about taking and processing photography and also my thoughts on things I’ve tripped over. Maybe I’ll drift off in to other topics like Apple or software development (I develop software for the iOS amongst other things!).

The picture you see attached to this entry was taken by a friend Jon Morris-Smith (flickr link) on a Photo Walk organised by Sharon Cooper. It’s one half of a photography stand off that took place in a spooky cemetery with a derelict church looming over us and the light fading fast, or was it us running fast towards the pub 🙂 This half was taken by Jon and is a picture of me, probably the closest thing to a portrait I have of myself at the moment. You can find the other half of the duo of pictures in my flickr stream here “Snapper”. I bet you can’t guess what camera I used.